So now you have a bunch of Algae in your pond!!

So now you have a bunch of Algae in your pond!!

March 3, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Now you have a bunch of string algae in your pond! What needs to be done to help get rid of it? Most everyone that has a water feature is experiencing this problem in the spring of the year when the ice comes off of their pond. The main reason is that string algae loves cold water and it also has all of the nutrients that are in the water over the winter. One option is the take a stick and wrap the algae around the stick and pull it out. This can take some time but it can help with a lot of string algae in some ponds.

Most of the stains of beneficial bacteria that are sold remain dormant until the water temperature is above 50-55 degrees, so they are not helping you at this time. There is one bacteria that has cold water strains that you can add to the pond to help dissolve the organics that are the food source for the algae.

This product is Arctic Blend, it has all of the cold water strains that help with sludge cleanup. You can use this bacteria until the pond water temperature is up to 50-55 degrees and then you can start using the warm water bacterias.

Now is also a good time to look at all of your plumbing and filtration. We are getting to the time of year when we can restart all of our filtration and pumps. This will get the water to start moving again and help with getting the water through filtration which will help with debris in the water.

Make sure that you do not disturb the fish in your pond to much at this time, They are still in staysis which is their hibretory state and they are very easily stressed and this can cause heath issues later in the spring.

Also make sure that you do not feed the fish at this time!!!! If you feed the koi or goldfish before the water temperature is above 55 degrees you might kill the fish! So don’t let them talk you into feeding them to soon.

Hope these little tips help with some of the concerns of problem algae. I will get some more tips to help with spring startup in the near future so please stay tuned.

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